3D Dimensional Inspection


Our Inspection lab is equipped with an industry leading 7-axis FaroArm with added ScanArm laser line scanner. Coupled with the PolyWorks software suite, this system delivers high accuracy and extreme resolution point cloud collection, allowing for precise point cloud-to-CAD inspection against nominal 3D model.

The inspection can be carried out by a laser scanner, or by probing with a ceramic sensor. The use of a laser scanner allows us to inspect low-hardness parts, such as rubber or fabrics.

The system acquires thousands of readings per minute, which makes it possible, within a short time, to inspect a geometrically complex part. To minimize errors relating to variations in the environment, the inspection is carried out in a temperature and humidity controlled laboratory

Parts can be reverse engineered by producing a 3D model of a scanned object.  On-site inspection is available for large parts.

The data is compiled in a comprehensive report that is easy to analyze. Thanks to the use of visual tools, we can quickly detect anomalies.

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