Accredited calibration service


At Dynatherm, we have the expertise to calibrate a wide variety of measuring and testing instruments. We can perform the work at your facility or in our laboratories, whichever is more convenient. Our technicians are trained according to the most recent expertise criteria in effect on the market and have a solid work experience.

In order to increase the scope of our accreditation and reduce our delivery times, we regularly acquire new standards. The accréditation ISO 17025 certification covers the full range of our services, whether done at your facility or in our laboratories.

Our client portal gives you access to your account and allows you to view the status of your instruments and the history of calibrations. Our portal also gives you access to several features, including:

  • Remote control of the management of your instruments
  • A system of periodic reminders of instruments due for calibration

The portal is also a useful tool during audits. 

We also offer turnkey management of your instruments. This simple and efficient service operates autonomously, as would an internal resource of your factory. 

This service includes:

  • Pickup and delivery
  • Coordination with your internal units
  • Subcontracting of special calibrations
  • Consultation for setting up measurement systems



For service on your fixed installations, our mobile technicians calibrate your instruments on-site at your facility. They are specialized in the application of the AMS2750 standard for heat treatment operations in the aeronautics industry, so you can have complete confidence in them!


At Dynatherm, we have three environment-controlled laboratories, built according to industry standards. Each one is designed for a specific type of measurement:

Manage your instrumentation equipment independently, via our web portal. You can also manage calibration recalls and have access at all times to the status of your instruments, as well as to the complete history of your transactions.

For additional information, contact us!

In order to ensure the integrity of the results, our laboratory is equipped with redundant standards. It covers a full temperature range from -196°C to 1300°C

Equipped with modern standards, the electrical laboratory covers the range from DC up  to 1.1 GHz. It is also equipped for testing high-voltage up to 100 kVDC. As for the acoustic laboratory, it covers every type of acoustical equipment on the market.

With its precise and stable environment control, the dimensional and physical laboratory is able to increase the reading accuracy of parameters such as force, pressure, dimension and several others.

Contact our experts and let us take care of your needs in instrumentation products and services!