Electrical Laboratory


Dynatherm offers an instrumentation calibration service accredited to ISO 17025. This system allows electrical measurements of up to 1.1 GHz. We also have high-voltage testing equipment that can measure  up to 100 kV DC and 50 kV in AC.  

Our laboratory is equipped with a high efficiency system for controlling the temperature and humidity. This enables us to calibrate a complete range of instruments. Here is an overview of instruments that we calibrate regularly:


  • Multimeters
  • Current Clamps
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Counter, Generator
  • Power Supply
  • DLRO
  • Micro-ohmmeters
  • And all the others

Our client portal gives you access to your account and allows you to view the status of your instruments and the history of calibrations. Our portal also gives you access to several features, including:

  • Remote control of the management of your instruments
  • A system of periodic reminders of instruments due for calibration

The portal is also a useful tool during audits. 

We also offer turnkey management of your instruments. This simple and efficient service operates autonomously, as would an internal resource of your factory. 

This service includes:

  • Pickup and delivery
  • Coordination with your internal units
  • Subcontracting of special calibrations
  • Consultation for setting up measurement systems


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