We design your temperature sensors

Temperature Sensors

We manufacture a complete range of temperature sensors (thermocouples and RTDs), recognized for their excellent quality and designed for maximum longevity. Thanks to a large inventory of parts, we produce the sensors quickly.  In an emergency situation, we are able to deliver most of the products the same day you order them.

Our range of standard products is provided in catalogues, series 100 to 600.

  • 100 Series MgO thermocouples

  • 200 Series industrial thermocouples

  • 300 Series resistance temperature detectors (RTD) 

  • 400 Series threaded thermowells

  • 600 Series plastic industry thermocouples

With Dynatherm as your partner, you can take care of all your requirements for sensors and accessories right now!

Temperature Sensors, Connectors, Thermocouple Wire and Accessories

Dynatherm distributes a comprehensive range of accessories such as connectors, thermocouple wires and connecting panels.

  • 2 Pole Mini Connectors

  • 2 Pole Standard Connectors

  • 2 Pole Mini Stripanels

  • 2 Pole Standard Stripanels

  • 3 Pole Mini Connectors

  • 3 Pole Standard Connectors

  • 3 Pole Mini Stripanels

  • 3 Pole Standard Stripanels

  • Thermocouple Wire

  • Accessories





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