Custom Design

Custom Design

We work in close collaboration with our customers to design and manufacture their products to their precise specifications. We are present from the concept development right up to delivery of the finished product. We regularly manufacture the following products:

  • Temperature sensors (thermocouples, RTDs)
  • Instrumentation rakes and probes for turbomachinery
  • Gauge assemblies, manufacturing and welding jigs
  • Measuring instruments dedicated to research and development
  • And several others

We deal with a network of qualified suppliers which enables us to provide a turnkey service and complement our expertise in the following areas:

  • CNC machining, 3- and 5-axis
  • Laser cutting
  • Wire cutting and drilling (Wire & sinker EDM)
  • Machining of parts on Swiss type lathes
  • NDT Testing
  • Heat treatments
  • Vacuum brazing
  • Passivation
  • Ceramic coatings

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